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Digital Marketing Audit: Make Your Hard Work Count

digital marketing audit

Why is a Digital Marketing Audit important for your business? Here is all you need to know!

Digital marketing is crucial to any business's success in today's world; whether you are doing it right and whether it is giving you back the expected return? The real question you as a business should consider is getting insights into all of these aspects. It could help if you had an experienced professional or tool that could mull over your current platform and pick up the small - or whatever size - issues that could be affecting lead generation, visitor interaction, or your business goal of choice. 

What Is A Digital Marketing Audit?

This assessment is an inquiry into your digital marketing efforts to see if there are any loopholes, gaps, or red flags. An audit provides a better understanding of digital marketing performance and identifies the possible next steps.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, looking at every aspect of the business can be challenging. There are various facets needing their individual attention, and giving your best in each one of them can not only be tiresome but also deviates the attention from the matters of importance to ensure the running of regular tasks. In this case, relying on a digital marketing agency for startups can be the right course of action, especially with various social media and website package prices to offer customers. Most importantly, this will ensure that your digital platform's marketing aspect is not ignored or underserviced. 

At Idenyo, we offer digital marketing services and a digital marketing audit to keep you updated on what you may be missing (or doing well) in your promotional activities.

Let's look at why marketing audits shouldn't be disregarded and can give insight into the current standing of your marketing efforts. Whether you outsource your marketing or handle it independently, the audit can help you consider major pain points about the website, get a second opinion, or even note minor changes that can increase the overall effectiveness. Nothing should be overlooked, and the sole purpose is to understand how users may judge your business from the other end.

  • What's working for your business?
  • What's not working for your business?
  • Make sure everyone collaborating is on the same page.
  • Diversify the marketing strategy.

What's working for your business? 

Audits are an investigation into your existing marketing activities to see which approaches work in favor of the business, for example, bringing in leads or gaining followers. This way, digital marketing agencies for startups or existing companies can identify which marketing activities to cut down on and what approaches should scale.

What's not working for your business? 

Internet marketing optimization is significant as it allows the business's goals to reach better through opted marketing channels. However, suppose that doesn't work out. A thorough digital marketing audit can get insights into the details and dive into a moving forward strategy.

Make sure everyone collaborating is on the same page.

Multiple people may work on the marketing team, be it internal or the marketing tasks usually outsourced by digital marketing agencies for startups. However, keeping everyone on the same path can be difficult, but not when you decide to conduct a digital marketing audit.

The audit findings are shared with the team members to keep them updated during marketing activities; a best practices guideline can propel the business forward.

Diversify the marketing strategy.

Sometimes a single marketing effort is unable to bring results. When combined with another promotional activity, it can ultimately impact desired expectations. In this case, digital marketing audits are essential in revealing what combinations can break the plateau. For example, combining paid ads with on-site SEO can provide critical information on how valuable users interact with your website and how to modify the site to suit them better. Other combinations include email marketing with free information guides and mixing up social media content between images and video. 

Don't be intimidated by the cost of marketing.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can get results-driven marketing services that include a range of content, including social media management, graphic design, video content design, copywriting, Google Ads management, and much more, without breaking the bank. At Idenyo, based on our experience with startups and small businesses, we have devised basic monthly packages that include everything necessary to get started without the need for a large budget. 

We have almost a decade of experience; we offer a hands-free website and marketing solution that keeps you covered without having to revisit prices and skate around minor updates and changes. We want the customer to have the best experience concerning their business and not constantly worry about strategy or how changes will affect their budget and timeline. Our digital solutions plan is designed around the struggles we encountered as startups and small businesses and the solution that would have been a weight off our shoulders during those times. 

We are a boutique digital marketing agency which means we adapt to your business and form a relationship. Your success is our success, and our monthly plans and pricing are scalable. They do not include upsells or nitpicking on pricing. Whether you need just a website developed, an essential marketing package, or our full content suite, we have you covered with the repertoire of tools you will need to pass any digital audit. In a race for consumer attention, your business should not lack clear goals or overlook a solid marketing plan, or you can significantly risk losing potential customers. 

Final Thoughts.

It is reassuring that whatever you put up on your website looks good, your social media accounts are running just fine, and you are getting interactions on your posts. However, it can be stressful to face the fact that your website is not user-friendly, the social media accounts are unable to attract leads, and any interactions with your business are coming from non-targeted populations. Without proper insights, deducing this can be a daunting task, and the truth can hurt sometimes. Let's find out together.

If you want to make some noise among your customers and grab the attention of your targeted audience, let Idenyo conduct a digital marketing audit for you and suggest a solid plan based on insights and evaluations from your business. Get started with us by having a site analysis by clicking the button below!

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