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Esports Consulting Companies

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Esports Consulting Companies: An Overview of Esports Training

At some point, almost everyone who has played a video game has looked up how to become a professional gamer and get paid. However, before esports became mainstream, earning income in the video game industry meant finding work as a game audio engineer, level designer, character animator, or other technical jobs behind the scenes. But what about esports organizers, sponsors, developers, and publishers who want to get involved in the lucrative growth of esports? How would you know where to start? Fortunately, those who want to play video games to take a cut of a multi-billion-dollar industry can do so by getting into esports and fast track this process by hiring esports consulting companies.

What Are Esports Consulting Companies?

An esports consulting company has a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry. Since the esports industry is still on a massive upswing with seemingly limitless potential, an esports consulting company must stay on top of changing business practices.

A good esports consultant will guide you through the industry with detailed market research and help you execute a successful company plan. More and more businesses are looking for ways to break into the esports business and reap the benefits of an industry that's growing globally.

Entering the world of esports isn't an easy venture. Let's look at an overview of esports consulting and how it can benefit you.

A Brief Overview of Esports Consulting

When tuning in to an esports competition, you see everything from the players themselves to the production it takes to put it all together. There is more to esports than simply gathering a few professional gamers and handing them a mouse and keyboard. Companies, large and small, who want to dip their toes into the lucrative business model of esports need esports consulting companies who can:

  • Advise on startup costs and other finances
  • Consult on a business model depending on the services and needs of the company
  • Address any issues and assist companies in overcoming any obstacles

Whether you need to focus on brand strategy or don't know where to start, an esports consulting company will be there every step of the way. Even multinational giant PWC has begun their campaign for esports consulting.

The Differences Between Esports Vs. Virtual Sports

Now that you understand what esports consulting companies do, how would you know whether to get into esports or virtual sports? Is there a difference?

Esports has been around for over thirty years but only recently saw a boom because of MOBAs, first-person shooters, third-person shooters, real-time strategy, and other competitive games. These tournaments evolved from small local competitions to streamed and televised productions viewed by millions of people. The recent boom in mainstream media has sponsors and other companies flocking to become a part of the growth, but are these games the same as virtual sports?

The answer to esports vs. virtual sports and whether they are the same thing is that no, they are very different. Virtual sports seek to take the concept of actual sports and emulate them virtually. Think of any real-life sport, from tennis to football or horse racing to soccer.

The fundamental difference between esports vs. virtual sports is that virtual sports have no bearing on player skill. Virtual sports rely mainly on randomized algorithms and numbers. Instead of the mental training required for esports, virtual sports rely primarily on luck.

The Benefits of Esports Mental Training

The backend of esports isn't possible without the competitive gamers who make it all possible. Having an esports consultant to help with strategy, production, and support is excellent. Still, if you're an esports company that needs to care for the players' mental well-being, then you need to understand the benefits of esports mental training.

With any sport or competition, there is a lot of pressure, not only from sitting in front of a crowd of thousands of viewers but from coaches and other players. Players who don't perform well under pressure will be benched for another play. That's the basis of any team-based competition. Unfortunately, esports players are often very sedentary, unlike real sports players. They don't have access to the same physical training as soccer or football players would, and a good workout is half the battle for mental well-being. Esports competitors often feel burnout, anxiety, and depression that will affect their image, team, and company.

Gaming consulting takes care of prospective esports companies and the people in them, including the players.

How To Become a Professional Gamer and Get Paid

A good esports training academy gives the next generation of players an avenue into the exciting global phenomena of esports. With video game developers focusing on catering their games to the competitive industry, there's always an opportunity to be the next big thing.

Gaming For Training

Gaming for training will help players:

  • Improve their overall gaming skills
  • Compete in smaller tournaments to practice their skills
  • Increase their mental well-being

There aren't any prodigies with esports. Everyone from social media managers, event managers, agents, and gamers must put in the hours it takes to improve. If you think about regular sports, it isn't just the players who are out on the field getting better; the coaches and support staff put in their time, too.

Esports consulting companies take care of each business level from the ground up. Everything involved in professional tournaments is made possible thanks to esports consultants. Everyone from organizers to game developers has struggled with the rapid growth of esports.

No longer are these competitions, just a handful of players who play with or against each other. There are sponsors involved, management, networking, production, and every facet of business that needs gaming consulting.

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