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Esports Consulting: Do You Need This?

What does esports consulting provide, and who does it serve? No longer can we say that video games are just a hobby. For some, video games are an escape; for others: Video games are how they make their living. From government bodies to advertisers, from developers to organizers, and everyone in between, an esports consulting company helps anyone who needs to navigate the treacherous waters of the esports industry. 

These esports should not be confused with virtual sports. When it comes to esports vs. virtual sports, the former relies on practice and skill, while the latter relies purely on luck and algorithms attached to virtual versions of real-life sports. We will talk about consulting companies concerning esports.

What Are Esport Consulting Companies?

An Esport consultant gives professional insight into the esports industry aimed toward helping businesses improve their strategy in the industry. Businesses wanting to enter the esports industry look towards gaming consultants to advise them on the best practices and current esports trends. Esport consultants must have a current understanding of the industry and keep themselves updated in an ever-changing environment.

Increasing Profitability and Cut Costs with Esports Consulting

At the end of the day, starting any business is all about turning a profit while reducing costs. That’s business 101. A good esports consulting company will advise companies navigating through the esports industry on the most effective ways to increase their profitability.

On top of that, effective esports consulting breaks down business models to analyze unnecessary expenses to cut costs and increase profits.

The Effectiveness of Esports Consulting Companies for Developers and Publishers

For years, developers and publishers have largely ignored esports. Catering games to the esports crowd bring their games to the forefront of the gaming world, with competitors seeking the top of the mountain through streaming and tournaments. Major influencers will act as ambassadors for games as they generate attention for their games.

These influencers who stream their games often find themselves trying to get to the top and make a run for professional play. Their followers emulate their success, and the game organically markets itself. As the esports community grows, so do the masses who want a piece of the pie. Nearly half of competitive gamers believe they are good enough to play professionally. Publishers and developers are picking up on this trend and turning to esports consulting companies to switch their approach to the esports world.

Riot Games is the perfect example of a company that has found massive success in the esports business by promoting its content through tournaments and influencer channels. Riot Games has also created its own esports channel, garnering millions of viewers and followers. Taking a more competitive approach is a great way to gather the public's attention as more people either want to become professional players or become fans of professional players.

Institutions are picking up on this and want to create the next batch of esports competitors to increase their own profits. These institutions understand that an esports training academy is needed to ride that wave of growth.

Do You Need an Esports Training Academy for Your Institution? 

Universities and other institutions are looking for ways to include an esports training academy for an excellent reason: profits. Institutions see the meteoric rise of esports and want a piece of the pie. Sure, students learn valuable social skills, time management, and improved career opportunities, which will, in turn, increase profits and the reputation of the school or institution.

The Benefits of an Esports Training Academy

Esports training is very similar to training for professional sports. However, the focus is more on the mind and body than the muscles. A good esports academy will focus on nutrition, breathing, and basic physical fitness.

Mental fitness is a must. As easy as it sounds, sitting at a computer for eight hours a day playing video games when playing professionally, it can get mentally exhausting. Reducing burnout means mentally and emotionally conditioning oneself to handle the pain and exhaustion that comes from competition anxiety.

An esports consulting company can help any institution set up its esports training academy to meet the needs of a growing industry.

What Other Services Do Esports Consulting Companies Provide?

Besides increasing profits, decreasing costs, marketing, and assisting institutions with training the next generation of esports competitors, esports consulting companies also:

  • Advise on endorsements and appearances by digital influencers
  • Assist with financial considerations, such as taxes
  • Mediate revenue sharing and management of esports facilities
  • Counsel on supply and procurement needs

Think of an esports consulting company as an ally in all things esports, not managing current laws, rules, and trends but keeping up with the future needs of those wanting to latch onto the epic growth of the esports industry.

With this much growth and revenue over the past couple of years, the experience of the community will continually change. There will always be mistakes made and something new to learn.

If you're considering a career in esports, then look into the services of an esports consulting company. Many developers and publishers are developing to where esports will be widespread. The industry is on a meteoric rise, which means there will be more regulations and frameworks that will change globally. Esports is an ever-changing beast, and having an esports consultant as an ally is essential for success.

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