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Idenyo Studio

Esports Consulting Company

We made the mistakes so that you don't have to...

Esports Scouting

Find potential diamonds in the rough

Esports Recruiting

Recruiting potential players or students

Esports Coaching

Boost your program with the right trainers

Esports Curriculum

Develop your esports curriculum

Esports Marketing

Have your content reach your audience

Esports Analysis

Gather the necessary data and use it


Design your jersey and merch line

Esports Partnerships

Help find funding and strategic partners

Esports Competition

Participate in the right leagues and events



Whether you are an esports brand, organization, or individual player/streamer, growing your fan base is one of the single most important challenges in the industry. Identify your target audience and grow using our marketing system that guarantees results!



Get connected to potential sponsors, partners, and funding opportunities by establishing or growing your partnership program. We will tailor and customize your program so that it qualifies and targets the right partners for your growth.



Finding and recruiting talented, responsible, and competitive players can be a gamble for many esports organizations and schools. Our tried and tested low-cost talent identification and development system will make your organization stand out from the rest without going over your budget. Let us create your sustainable and championship esports program!

Our company specializes in comprehensive digital marketing services that drive business growth, generate leads, increase sales, and modernize marketing strategies. We offer turn-key solutions for businesses of all sizes, as well as budget-friendly options. Our services include social media management and search engine optimization (SEO) solutions. Choose to work with us and experience the benefits of a collaborative partnership.

Guaranteed results using modern marketing techniques that bring your business into focus. Don't hesitate to book a quick call with me, and feel free to ask anything, zero obligations.


  • Content Creation

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Graphic Design

  • Paid Ads

  • Web Design

  • Growth Marketing

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