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Key Tools to Boost Your Growth and Digital Marketing Platform

None of the tools we drop down on this page are affiliate links. I want you, the audience, to know that the tools I place here are specifically to save you the time I spent doing research, trial and error, and pursuing the right secret weapons for my endeavors. I am not making any money off of you clicking the links. If you have any questions about the use of any of the tools, feel free to book a call with me. 

Website Tracking and Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that gathers information from your apps and websites in order to provide reports that offer insights into your company.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an online service that enables owners to examine the indexing progress, search terms, crawling issues, and enhance website visibility. Previously called Google Webmaster Tools.

Tiny Analytics

Tiny Analytics is a website analytics application that uses analysis to help you enhance your website. You can see where your visitors are and what they're doing thanks to the heat mapping tool, A/B testing, the data is private, and is GDPR compliant. Also, free up to 100k views.

Domain and Hosting Services


Low cost, lots of storage, free emails, great cPanel, and top notch customer service. My #1 recommendation if you have lots of clients you want to host under one umbrella.


Expensive, but great service for WP only website. Fast loading, plethora of themes, and pretty much everything centered around building a website in WordPress.


As the name suggests, it's cheap. Great for buying domains and pointing them to Bluehost as I do for my ".gg" TLDs. Good for testing out ideas and side projects, or if you have a small budget.

Web Building Tools


Free and open source, you can go straight to the website link or install it directly from your hosting provider (above). Best for learning and building for free, and later on this page we will cover other tools you can use to build your site.


The tool I use to build sales funnels and a fast loading hands-off website for anyone to use. Best for consultants, marketers, coaches, and experts to generate leads and sales. Try it free for 2 weeks and give me a call if you want to know more.


If I had to pick a drag and drop builder, Wix would take the cake. You can do so much with it, however even though it is marketed as easy to use for the everyday person, learning all of the tools and possibilities can take some research and time.


New and exciting web builder without having to code. It's hard to describe, you just gotta try it. Click the link, getting started is free.


Kind of the go to for starting an online store. Also, they are name sponsor for an esports team so I may be slightly biased towards them. Eitherway, you can try it for free and decide whether you like it or not later.

Design Tools


Only one of the greatest beginner's design tool ever created, with tons of templates you can tweak if you are not confident in your design skills.

Adobe Creative Suite

I love Adobe products with all of my heart, and if you have the time to master them and the money to buy them, you will have some of the greatest boast-able skills in your repertoire.

SEO Tools


The best all-purpose SEO tool. Use this to acquire in-depth SEO data, discover new ways to increase organic traffic, and analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Some features are free as long as you can verify ownership.


Brought to you by the king of marketing himself, Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is a more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing SEO tool that quickly lets you look at keywords and analyze your competition. Much cheaper option as well.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our company specializes in comprehensive digital marketing services that drive business growth, generate leads, increase sales, and modernize marketing strategies. We offer turn-key solutions for businesses of all sizes, as well as budget-friendly options. Our services include social media management and search engine optimization (SEO) solutions. Choose to work with us and experience the benefits of a collaborative partnership.

Guaranteed results using modern marketing techniques that bring your business into focus. Don't hesitate to book a quick call with me, and feel free to ask anything, zero obligations.


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